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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

If you want to make God laugh.... make plans.

My brother has been having a lot of mental problems lately. I believe part of the problem is that he turns 60 this month. Vietnam has been on his mind to the point it has consumed much of his thinking. Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. (PTSD) Yes, vets can get it many years later. Over the past few weeks I've spent a LOT of time listening to him talk. Things got to the breaking point yesterday and he asked me to go with him to check into the VA for awhile. So I did.

While he and I were there, getting him checked into the hospital, his grand daughter lost control of her car and crashed into a house. She was on her way to U of L for the first college class for this semester. She is fine but is staying in the hospital for a couple of days because she is 3 months pregnant.

My brother and SIL have been very near the point of divorce the last few weeks because of his PTSD. They just celebrated their 40th anniversary last week. I'm going to act as the mediator to see if I can get them talking again. She doesn't understand PTSD so she is withdrawing from him. He thinks she doesn't love him anymore. If only I can get them to understand what I see in them both. The love is still there.... they just need to show it more.

I did work on the necktie quilts for awhile before all this happened. Nothing is finished and I probably won't get much done over the next few days. I will be chauffeuring my SIL between hospitals. My SIL doesn't drive. She also has some doctor appointments that I will take her to. It doesn't look like I will be home quilting much for the next few days.

My apologizes to my customers but sometimes life is more important than work.

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Bethany said...

Take care of your family. I hope it all works out. Lots of hugs.