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Friday, August 21, 2009

A day at the KY State Fair

Start with a kickoff breakfast. Cheer for the scholarship winners and for the $5,000 a pound winner of the champion ham auction.

Take trolley tram ride to the south wing.

Spot this at the entrance.... hmm.... wonder what it means? Must be a KY accent thing.

Check my entries to see if I won. Yippie!

Ok, I gotta check out the work of the machine quilters I know about and see what quilts the toppers are doing these days too.

Take time to look very closely at the stitching work of other machine quilters.... and drool a lot!

Then wonder how some qualify as quilts? It's three layers. Fabric, batting, and back. Yup, it meets the criteria. But..... it's also 4 layers of three dimensional quilted parts. It wouldn't keep anyone warm but it would look very nice on a wall. I like it! This gives me inspiration for when I get around to creating art. I'm not allowed to enter the "original design" category because I'm a professional. If I could enter that category, I might try doing a three dimensional piece like this.

I wander around to see what else is there. HEY! Now there's a category my SIL can enter. For year's I've tried to get her to enter something..... anything.... just for the fun of it. What can be easier than a leaf contest? She grows Hostas so why not enter the Hosta leaf category?

Then there are lots, and lots, and lots of other displays to look at. Christmas wreaths.


Leather crafts.

Flower arrangements.


There is a category for just about anything these days..... even an ugly lamp contest. The uglier the better. I didn't find the ugliest (ribbon winner) but I didn't look at all of them yet.

On to lunch in the senior room and a few games of bingo to win a bag of chips.

Sit and watch all the people coming and going. Quite a few dogs there too. All of them as part of a show someplace.

Watch the parade of Queens show too. Two from each county. One for Queen of the county and one for Queen of the county fair.

Also get to listen to the politicians as they have the kickoff show.

The best part of the kickoff show was the singers. They were very good!

A bit more walking around and it was time to go home. I took lots and lots of pictures. Far too many to post here. It was a fun day and I plan to go back again before its over. I just barely covered one area. There are animals to see and more contests to watch. Right now it's time for me to go chauffeur my SIL to the grocery stores. If I were not retired, I probably would have skipped going to the fair this year...... retirement is fun!


Angela Huffman said...

Congratulations on your ribbons! Wonderful! Thanks for putting up a photo of my Jubilee Tree quilt. I knew it wouldn't win anything (the binding was machine stitched to the back). It is always fun to see it hanging, though!

kathi said...

HIP HIP HURRAY!!!! that quilt DESERVED some RIBBONS!!! FINALLY!!! and second set of HIP HIP HURRAY'S for YOU going to the fair and ENJOYING IT!!!