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Monday, August 24, 2009

Another fair day

This daughter has 3 kids. One is in the very back of the stroller, barely visible.

This daughter has one child.... Ladybug.

There is so much to see and so much to do for little kids.

The rides are the most fun.

The littlest ones wait patiently while the older ones ride. Guess who gets to watch the little ones while everyone is on the rides.

More rides and more rides.

Finally the little ones get their turn on a ride. Can you see the excitement?

The other little one is not so sure about this rideing thing.

I saw some little kids who screamed to get off as soon as the ride started. My grands screamed to stay on the rides. Especially Ladybug. She absolutely had a fit because she had to get off the merry go round. It's a good thing that a home version of a merry go round isn't made and sold in Walley world. (smile) Santa might just be tempted to take one down the chimney.
Taking the grands to the fair is just as much fun as seeing Christmas excitement. Nothing is quite like buying lots of ride tickets and junk food for the grands. Ten minutes after we got in the car to go home every grand was sound asleep.... no doubt dreaming of riding more rides and eating more junk food. Hopefully to remember the fair fun they had with NaNa when they are older.
Two more sets of grands waiting for their day at the fair. It's much easier for me to keep up with everyone if each group goes on a different day. I get to see each child enjoy their time.

Today though I must get some quilty stuff done.

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