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Monday, August 3, 2009

Ok, this is just too weird. What's up with the trees changing colors and dropping their leaves in July /August instead of September / October? I first noticed the change in colors a couple of weeks ago. It wasn't much at the time so I thought maybe it was a dead branch or two.

This morning I looked around and it's no longer just a branch or two. Now it's whole trees. These trees should still be very green and full. You think mother nature is telling us something? Should I get a move on with my winter preparation just like she is doing? It's worth some thought. Is anyone else noticing this in your area?

Ok, on to the quilting stuff. I have this one on the machine and stabilized.

I've worked on the outside border too. It has a friendly border..... it waves.

I used a design that let me ease in as much fullness as possible without too many tucks.

I would have done more on this quilt but I had Ladybug over the weekend. Geeze, there is a reason old women don't have babies..... we can't keep up with them anymore. We love them, we want to be with them, but we are so glad we can give them back and rest from the visit.


kathi said...

hmm, I haven't really looked at the trees, However the big black Lab and the long haired cat are shedding outrageously. The poor cat is full of nappy spots as she can't handle the shedding. Perhaps we had best get ready for winter. I don't think we have had summer yet, truth be told. It has not gotten over 85,, well, it has not, yet.

Elaine said...

I've noticed the same thing here with the trees and I'm across the country from you. I just thought that maybe I hadn't looked before, but it is interesting. What does that say for global warming. Maybe now it's time for global cooling. Although these switches happen every 30 years or so.

Bethany said...

Wow. I thought it was only my house with leaves turning and starting to fall off. Makes me want to start winter preparations as well.

miriam j. schusler williams said...

I have a question re: batik and foundation piecing. I want to make a scrap-like batik fabric string quilt. Using your suggested method. Can I use used fabric softner sheets? I love reading your blog, do it daily. Hate to see you give up patron quilting, but can fully understand. Hope you will go into the teaching phase of quilting. Will you give lessons on your quiltingmachine ? MJ