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Friday, August 14, 2009

Bathtub crayons and green onions

An update on the green onions. Here they are at 4 days growth. I see that if I had been careful about where I cut them the first time I would have had more for the second cutting. I made the mistake of cutting too low on the stalk. I didn't leave enough of the center for new growth to come from it. Onions grow from the center of the stalks. I should have remembered that.

Yesterday was spent cleaning quilting stuff out of one of my bedrooms to make room for my daughter and her child to move back home for awhile. In my cleaning I came across this note I had made to myself a long time ago about making bathtub crayons. I can't remember where I found this recipe. I thought some of my readers might be interested in it too.

It reads:
Bathtub crayons
1 cup laundry soap
Few drops food color
Add water by spoons full until soap becomes liquid. Place in ice cube trays until it drys very hard. Placed in the sun is best.
I've made these crayons before. Small kids really love them. It gives them a way to be messy without really being messy. I'm thinking maybe I will make some as xmas gifts this year. There are several small kids in our neighborhood and I have several grand kids.
When making these crayons I used a mild type laundry soap. Small children might not handle a harsher soap on their skin. Something like Ivory flakes would work. Placing it in the sun will make it dry much faster. The mixture does not need to be quite liquid. It needs just enough moisture to form it into a shape. I wouldn't use much food color either. Too much and your child might start changing color with each bath.

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