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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Choices, choices

Here's the problem..... blogger gives each blog a maximum of 500 photo spots on Picasa. Free with the blog. I think its per blog, I'm not sure. Over the past 3 1/2 years of writing this blog I've used up the amount of spots with all the photos of quilts I've done. I like using lots of pictures so others can see the different designs done on the quilts and in what area. Photos say much more than I could simply write in words. I could write that I did a leaf design in a triangle but somehow it just doesn't quite tell the story as well as a picture of the design on the quilt.

Options? I could do as blogger suggests and get a paid subscription to Picasa to get more photo spaces. I already have a paid subscription to webshots. I would have to close the webshots account and get my photos from there before they disappear. Picasa costs a few dollars more.

I could delete the oldest posts from this blog which would free up photo spaces. I think? I'm not sure about that until I give it a try. I don't think many people go back to read the earliest posts or look at those photos. I can print out (or put onto a disk) the earliest pages and keep them for my kids to read someday. That was the intent when I first started my blog. To record and journal my activities for my descendants and at the same time help fellow machine quilters.

I can continue to write my blog without photos but include a link to the pictures in webshots until I run out of space there. This would require readers to click and visit the photos but read the blog here.

I can start another blog with a whole new set of 500 free photos. Eventually this blog would be deleted by blogger for inactivity. Blogs that are not active get deleted in a short amount of time. What would I call the new blog? I'd have to think of a new name. I could reverse the name I have for this blog. I think that would work. A new blog would mean that I would have to change my membership of the blog lists I belong to.

I had hoped to start including more videos in future blog posts after I retire. I'm not sure how blogger handles videos. Whether each video is considered one photo spot or something else. I can't seem to find this information.

I could create a web site instead of a simple blog. It would cost money that I'm not prepared to pay when my funds are very limited.

So these seem to be my options for now. I can't think of any others. Anyone have any suggestions?

I'm going to delete some of my oldest posts this morning just to see if it frees up photo space. Then I'm going to look through blogger to see if I can find information about other options.

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