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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

What a day!

First, here is the next finished quilt. It's already been picked up by the owner. This is the one that had me stumped about what to quilt on it. The owner was happy with the design I did. Whew. I always worry until I hear they are happy with the design.

I did stitch in the ditch around the stars then meandered in the background to make the stars pop out.

I did line dancing in the row squares and a leafy.... hmm.... feathery.... hmm... ribbony? Oh well it's what you see. Did this in pieced squares.

Then did this spiky leaf design on the sashing. It compliments the spikes of the stars.

I had the next quilt on the machine just a working away. I finished the starting row and then quilted the first part going down the sides.... nope, that's not gonna work. It needed something different so I stopped to pick it out so I could do something else.
I start quilting the newer design and suddenly I start getting breaking threads and bad tension. Every inch or two the thread breaks and the tension looks awful. So I spend the next couple of hours trying to fix the problem. Well DUH! It dawns on me what the problem is..... the felt tension disk is dirty. I take apart the tension assembly to clean it. See what I mean?

I start to put it back together...... well dang it! I don't have any more clean felt disks. I swear I had a whole dozen not long ago. Hmm.... just when did I order those last? I look it up and realized these were ordered a year ago. Well no wonder I'm out. I order more and turn the one I have over so I can keep quilting until the new ones arrive. It's a temporary fix but should last for at least two or three days so I can keep quilting.
I've lost nearly a whole day of quilting time. I plan to work a couple of hours later than usual to make up for the lost time. Nope, didn't happen. I got a phone call from Alaska. I'm not going to miss the opportunity to talk with all my grandkids up there! They tell me that they are ok. The volcano is dropping some ash over their place but not enough to harm anything yet. If it gets bad enough they will go stay with relatives in the village for awhile. My great-grandkids are growing fast.
After the phone call its much too late in the day to go back to working so I quit for the day. I've lost my momentum. I go to the computer and start writing some posts which keeps me busy until bedtime.
Today I hope things go a little more smoothly. This weekend I'm going to clean the Gammill and table from top to bottom.... thoroughly! Not just the bobbin area. It's long past due. While I'm cleaning I'll make some notes of things I need to order.
I hear my machine calling me so it's time to get to work.

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kathi said...

Ah, Anita. THAT is the kind of day I have most every day. One interruption after another. and Yes, chatting with the grandkids and family is always more important. Thanks for reminding me that i also need to clean out the big machine, and the table, and those velcro straps to the clamps.. Those are just horrendous. Have an excellent and productive quilting day today. Unless, ofcourse, family calls.