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Monday, March 30, 2009

A finished quilt.... finally

This quilt seemed to take forever to finish. It wasn't the quilt that was the problem... it was my time. Every time I thought I could get back on the machine to do the quilting something came up to keep me away from the machine.

You will probably recognize the designs from this one. The customer wanted the same designs I did on her other quilt not long ago. There is a feather on the border and a leafy design on the inside border.

A flower and curl design on some of the blocks.

A different flower and curl on these blocks.

A leafy vine on these blocks.

I have the next two loaded onto the machine. I can't get started on them just yet though. I have some blood tests scheduled at the clinic this morning. I don't want to get into a quilting rhythm and forget about the time. I can't have my morning coffee which is a bummer! I'm not much good in the morning until I've gotten some caffine in me.

We never made it to the cemetaries over the weekend. My brother didn't think it was a good idea for us to be walking around in the rain (storms) so we have postponed our trip for another time. Next time we are planning on going a little further and include my SIL so she can visit the graves of her parents.

I will have to set the star quilt aside.... again. Hopefully for only a few days though because I really want to get that one finished. The reason I have to set it aside is that I was looking through my waiting work and realized I have two contest quilt tops that have a deadline looming. These belong to a lady that lives in South Carolina. I have to get these finished and shipped off to her in time to take pictures and send in her entry forms.
Looks like I won't be going to Paducah this year. Too many quilts still behind schedule for me to get away. Not enough money in my budget either. Bailing out my kids has cleaned the savings account again. Kids are more important than spending time at a quilt show.

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