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Monday, March 16, 2009

A couple of me days

Over the weekend I had planned to work on the next quilt but instead I worked at clearing up this mess. I wrote more about it on my other blog.

My muscles are aching from all the bending and stretching to reach the stuff on the floor then carrying it out. I have a clear path to the rest of the room so maybe I can finish the work I started last year.

I can stand at the door of this room and mentally picture the way I want it to look. Window quilts. Cardboard furniture. A neatly arranged office closet. Pictures and nick nacks finally out of storage to admire. Yes, I can see it in my mind but that doesn't mean it will get done.

If only I could stay working at it until it's finished. But..... life tells me when I can do this and when I can't.

I'm headed to the studio to work now.

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