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Monday, March 16, 2009

AIG.... Grrrrr!

This quilt is almost finished. I worked right up until bedtime.

A couple of days ago I noticed I was fighting with the machine every now and then. It was like something was catching on the wheels. I checked and checked but the wheels were fine. I finally spotted this. Sorry about the blurry pictures the batteries were low. This is the pointer holder on my machine. It looks kind of tiny down there doesn't it?

This is what I pulled out. The pointer holder sits very close to the rails. An accumulation of lint will eventually build up enough that it interferes with the movement of the machine.

I've scheduled a day of thorough machine cleaning for this weekend. The lint on the rails has become very apparent. An indication that I've neglected the maintenance far too long. Might as well do my domestic machine too while I'm at it.
Oh yes, about AIG. I understand that contracts must be honored or suffer the consequences.... but come on now.... using bailout funds to pay them?
Then I got to wondering WHO is receiving the bonuses? Is it the people at the top or the people on the bottom? Yes, it's got to be the people at the top. These are the ones who sign contracts. It's the people on the bottom that have the least job protection. I would feel far less angry about the bonuses if I knew it was going to secretaries, file clerks, housekeeping, and mail sorters within the company.
There was something that was said by one of the AIG people that bothers me.... because I don't understand. They said that they must pay bonuses in order to KEEP the best people working for them. Ok, I understand that. What I don't understand is...... where are the so called best people going to go if the bonuses aren't paid?? Who's hiring? What company is looking to pay a high salary to lure someone away from AIG? What's to keep the highly paid person from leaving the company even after getting a bonus? Maybe it's the contract? So if the company doesn't honor the contract; doesn't that leave the hired person free to leave if they choose? If big companies are cutting back on employees and not hiring.... where are they going to go? Pretty soon there may be way too many bosses and no workers. It's just very wrong to hear a highly paid employee is getting a bonus check when so many are living in tent cities!
Speaking of tent cities.... I heard the mayor of one city is angry about his tent city. He's not angry about people living there. He understands they have no where else to go. The mayor is very upset over the sanitation conditions. He doesn't have the city funds to provide porta potties or shower facilities. Hmm.... I wonder what Obama's reaction would be if that mayor requested government bailout money to buy porta potties, shower facilities, and tents? Plus bailout money to hire several people to work maintaining and cleaning them? It does meet the criteria of putting people to work doesn't it? I would really, really like to hear the mayor actually did ask for this type bailout money! I want to see what Obama would say to the request.
Ok, I'm doing far too much deep thinking and type-talking this morning. A quilt is waiting.


kathi said...

I totally agree with you on the AIG bonuses. I never thought where they might go IF they wanted to. Hmm? I think it a slap in the face of every American that "bail out money" as in OUR money is being paid out as "bonus bucks". And bonus bucks to the people that GOT AIG in this pickle in the first place? How does that even DESERVE a "bonus". I do hope that our President does just STOP the bail out to AIG. They seem to be an excellent example of BAD money management. I mean, does not the company need to MAKE some money in order to PAY out a bonus in the first place? Hmmmm?

I hope that mayor DOES ask for funds for his tent city sanitation. Atleast that makes some sense and is NEEDED.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I've had some of the same thoughts as you about AIG. If those hotshots don't get their bonuses and leave there are plenty of good people who have lost their jobs who would be more than happy to fill those positions. Plus, those hotshots can't be so hot anyway, or AIG wouldn't be in the position it's in. Greedy is what they were, and now they're a bunch of whiners.

My husband's life insurance is with American General...part of AIG...and every time I hear another AIG sob story I wonder if we should cancel it and take the cash value. Supposedly that portion of the business is OK and is regulated by the states but I'd sure hate to hear one day that the whole house of cards collapsed & be told "so sorry, so sad, your thousands are GONE."