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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

I'm kind of quiet lately

Another one done. The red and grey log cabin.

It's stitch in the ditch around the red logs and three different feather designs on the grey logs. This is one feather.

Another feather design.

Then this feather design.

Lately I don't seem to have much to say on my blog. Mostly because my mind is on getting the quilt work caught up. While I'm at the machine I think of lots of things but somehow they don't get type-talked about when I'm at the computer.
It's very hard on me mentally to look around my house and see the things I should be doing and at the same time realize I can't because the quilting comes first. For example, spring cleaning. I should be doing it. Sun coming through the windows shows up all the dust bunnies that seem to be breeding faster than I can gather them up. But.... when can I do it?
Another example, machine maintenance. It should be done because lately I seem to be fighting with my machine. The tracks and wheels need a thorough cleaning. The machine itself needs a thorough cleaning, tuneup, and oiling. But.... when can I do it?
Another example, cardboard furniture. I have a design drawn. I've checked and I have all the right size pieces. I know I need this piece of furniture to replace what I'm using right now. It will help me get some things organized. But..... when will I do it?
What it all comes down to is.... if it doesn't pay the bills.... it doesn't get done. So now I'm headed to work.

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