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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This comment was left on my blog today:

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Porta Potty and Showers has left a new comment on your post "AIG.... Grrrrr! This quilt is almost finished. I...": Tent cities are breeding grounds for degenerates and thieves... just more programs for people to maintain unmotivated to go out and make something of their lives. They contain drug dealers and whores.

I've deleted this comment from my blog but thought maybe I should comment back after all. Why? Because the comment made me crack up laughing. I thought it might make others laugh too. I mean really.... look what name they chose to use for theirself.... Porta Potty and Showers.

Ok anonymous..... or should I call you Mr/Ms Porta Potty??? What are you afraid of? That this little old lady might know your mama?

Wow... have I got a news flash for you Mr/Ms Porta Potty! Thieves and whores live everywhere.... not just in tent cities. Actually some hookers earn enough money they can live in penthouses. Probably next door to the thieves who created the financial meltdown and the anonymous blog commenters with nothing better to do than try to upset an old lady. So let me ask you this..... what are you doing about your own lack of motivation? Why are you sitting at a computer making anonymous comments instead of getting yourself a life?

Better watch out Mr/Ms Porta Potty...... God sometimes has a very strange sense of humor. God has an ironic way of opening your eyes to reality by having you live the reality. You could find your own self in one of those tent cities..... or worse.... becoming a hooker to survive. Hmm.... maybe you don't believe in God? Ok, your choice to believe or not.... but let me tell ya.... Lady Luck and Mister Fate also have the same strange, ironic sense of humor that God does.

You have a good evening Mr/Ms Porta Potty


kathi said...

Ah, pardon me. but i THINK that the thieves and whores live in that "tent city" JAIL in Texas? Maybe she/he was thinking of THAT tent city? but those are just the ones that get "caught". As for a "tent city" in town, Well, i think during the depression such things happened. they called them HOBO camps. and most of those hobos were honest men and women searching for jobs.

these ARE very hard financial times. I can't imagine having to live in a tent, out on the streets, and pray i never have to.
These are also the times we need to pull together and help each other. yes, porta potties and showers ARE needed. along with JOBS so these people can get back to work.

the thieves and whores, Well they ARE still working. they will always have "their work". It is the honest person trying to survive and NOT resort to thieving and whoring that are stuck in the "tent cities" right now.

COMPASSION is what we all need to display especially during these times. Compassion and to HELP those who are less fortunate. because yes, SOMETIMES God, fate, luck, DOES give you a nasty turn for lack of the above.

Trish said...

ROTFL..... Good answer!