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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A quick post

This one is finished except for the binding. I'm sewing the binding to the front and the owner will sew it to the back.

The fabric is a pin tuck fabric. I did formal feather on the large borders and line dancing on the squares.

Part of the sashing is pieced and part is the pin tuck fabric. I did a feather design on the sashing.

This is a view of one of the blocks with the line dancing.

Here you can see if from the back. I used a green thread to match the green of the front fabric.

Another view of the back. Don't look too close or you will see all the bad backtracking. That's one of the hazards of using dark thread on a very light fabric.... it shows everything.

I try very, very, very hard to get perfect backtracking. I simply can't do it perfectly. I've practiced and I've practiced for years. I tried slowing down. I tried speeding up. I tried adding drag. I tried no drag. I tried using several different templates. I tried going only freehand. I bought new wheels. I tried using the micro handles. I tried using both hands. Nothing helps.

I'm going to have company for the day. Ladybug is sick again and can't go to day care. It's going to be a "cuddle me NaNa" kind of day..... smile.

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