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Monday, March 23, 2009

Repurpose.... again

Long time followers of my blog know how much I enjoy repurposing items. Here are the latest two. This first one I really like.

Ok, it's empty. I repackaged the pretzels into small individual serving size bags.

This is the real reason I bought the pretzels...... for the container. At only 99 cents it was the perfect size for what I wanted. Marked down because it was the only one left. The contents were just a bonus. I wanted a special container because the commodity milk comes in plastic bags. It's difficult for me to pour just the right amount when making two quart jars of milk. With this container I can keep the measuring cup and a funnel in there too.

The second thing is this.

Sure, I eat Ramen noodles sometimes.... but it was the box that I really wanted.

It is the perfect size for becoming part of a piece of furniture I want to create..... eventually. Getting this box, already made, will save a step in making the furniture piece because I won't have to create the box.

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