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Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Another finished quilt

A view of the sashing.

Again... line dancing on the blocks.

Line dancing creates lots of pretty individual designs

while at the same time giving the quilt bocks connetion to each other.

This is the designs from the inside border and the outside border.

I'm moving in slow motion this morning. I had a restless night and therefore I didn't get much sleep. The quilt on the machine has me stumped about how to quilt it. It's really hard to get the quilts done when I sit and stare at one quilt..... but draw a blank about a design. When this happens I usually start with stitch in the ditch. At least something gets done while it gives me more time to study the top for inspiration. So instead of sitting at my computer type-talking I think I'd best get into the studio.

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