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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Quilting and cleaning

The next quilt is stabilized with stitch in the ditch around the red pieces. This took the whole day yesterday. I hope to get most of the quilting on the grey finished today.... if not.... then surely by tomorrow evening.

Friday was for shopping. Saturday was for putting everything away. I don't mind the shopping..... it's the putting groceries away thats so time consuming. Chopping and freezing the produce. Repackaging the meats for the freezer. Then finding space for everything else. I also started my spring cleaning Saturday afternoon. I started with the bathroom since it's the smallest room. Cleaned all the woodwork. Washed the curtains. Then the walls. I plan to do a little each weekend until all the dust and cobwebs are gone... at least until next year. Sunday was a day of rest.

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