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Saturday, March 21, 2009

Re purposing again

Sometimes we tend to just purchase an item without giving it much thought. Especially if it might cost one dollar or less for what we need. These days every dollar saved might be essential to our survival until the economy gets better.

A couple of days ago I needed a small clipboard to carry with me to grocery shop. I wanted the clipboard to hold my grocery list pad and also a pencil for keeping a running tally of how much spending I had in the cart.

I could have bought a small clipboard at one of the dollar type stores for only one dollar. I thought..... why spend a dollar when I can make one for free? So that's what I did... made my own clipboard from cardboard.

It's made from triple flute cardboard which it's very sturdy. The pencil holder is just some clear packing tape with another piece of tape stuck to the sticky part in the center where the pencil goes then taped to the cardboard.

Flute is the wavy inside part of cardboard. A single flute is sturdy but a double flute is even stronger and a triple flute is almost like a piece of wood.
I put that dollar I saved into my savings account. It might only be one dollar..... but the dollars do add up over time. You might wonder why I don't carry a calculator? Well, I used to, but the darn thing had a way of turning itself off after a few minutes. Then I'd lost my total. I found it's so much easier to just use a pencil. I also round off to the nearest dime to make the math easier.

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