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Monday, March 23, 2009

It was time

It was time.... don't ya think?

Over the weekend, I did spend some time away from my quilting work to clean the domestic machine. There was a lot of lint in there. It really was time that it got a good cleaning. I figured out that the best time to look for hidden lint is when I have the best natural lighting. When the sun coming through the skylight shines directly over the machine. It's much better than a flashlight.

Yesterday I did some once a month cooking. I call it once a month cooking although I cook (or prepare) and freeze something almost every weekend. What I'm doing is trying to have at least a month's worth of meals (or at the very least the ingredients for meals) in the freezer. What's the difference between cooking and preparing? Well one is an already cooked dish that only needs heating. Preparing is getting the ingredients ready for cooking a meal. Such as chopping onions or boiling rice. Cooking a lot on one single day is much quicker (and easier) than cooking a little on several different days.

The reason I've gone back to monthly cooking on the weekends is because my freezer was empty. You may remember I lost everything again not to long ago. A wind storm, an ice storm, and plain forgetfullness has emptied the freezer one time too often for my budget! I won't go into all the details about my cooking in this blog because I want to save it as a post on the frugal hints blog.

Over the past year or two or three, my weekends have typically been spent staying at the quilting machine trying my best to stay on schedule. In keeping with my goal to "say yes to less" I've been doing other things on the weekends instead. My goal is to have a more normal.... 40 hour week... instead of a 16 hours, 7 days a week, kind of job. The more organized I can make myself.... the easier it will be to relax and have fun now and then.

Speaking of working.... I best get into the studio to start my day.


kathi said...

WHOAAA yeah.. now THAT'S some serious LINT in that machine. And it is making me realize MY machine needs a good going over as well.

i Like the monthly cooking idea.. hmm? gota think about that one.

Carmi said...

I found that I wind 4 bobbins and when they are out, I clean my machine and change my needle. That keeps me on a schedule. I've been doing this for a couple of years now. It works for me.

Would love monthly cooking but I need a bigger freezer.