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Monday, September 20, 2010

Window quilts quilted

I finished quilting 12 window quilts.  This is a photo of 9 of them before the sun went down and I lost the natural light.  I seem to take better photos when using natural light.

Now I need to finish the edges and install them.  Why white fabric instead of pretty colors?  Well, as I get older I find I need more light to see.  White reflects light.  That's why I have white walls in the studio. 

I seemed to have started a craving for pizza with the pizza picture.  Hmm..... maybe it's the time of year for pizza cravings.  Changes in the weather do trigger thoughts of certain foods. 

Now that I've got the window quilts quilted, I need to get a customer quilt on the machine for today. 


lw said...

I like the white window quilts. I painted my sewing room blue and now I need to take fabrics to my dining room to make sure the colors go together. Next time, I'll paint it white.

kathi said...

nOW. get em finished and hung... Yes, i know. nag nag. giggle.