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Friday, September 17, 2010

Busy day

I decided to give the bread a try for supper last evening thanks to the comment from RNMOM.  It looks like more stuff on the bread than it actually was.  (fat bread)  Not too bad.  Not something I would pay such a high price for though. 

For a good part of yesterday I sorted, inventoried, and boxed up most of my canned foods.  It's all going to my daughter's house.  We are sharing what we have in our grocery stock.  I have the freezer for our frozen foods, she has the storage room for everything else.  Every couple of weeks I'll choose what I need from her house and she will choose what she needs from the freezer. 

After that, I decided to take the time necessary to cut the pieces for my window quilts.  Winter is not far away.  I'm determined not to let another winter pass by without getting the window quilts finished.  It's been too long already.  Some readers may not know that I used to have quilts on all my windows.  From the first year we lived in this house, it had window quilts.  I took them down to wash and they completely fell apart.  They had dry rotted from the sun. That was 4 or 5 years ago.... maybe longer. 

Hmm.... while I was busy cutting fabric, might as well cut the pieces to make myself some bed sheets and pillow cases as well.  I plan to make more sheets later using more colorful fabrics.  It's a great way to use up some of the stash fabrics. 

I know, I know, I should be getting another customer quilt finished but this is important too.  I can't keep my creative mind working on a customer quilt when my mind is cluttered up with thoughts of things that need to get done before cold weather.  Hmm.... must get started.  It won't get done if I'm sitting type-talking when I should be working.


Anonymous said...

That pizza looked delicious! Yes, that is alot to pay for bread, but you turned it into a meal (meals?) so you could justify the price once in awhile. Free is better though! I'm hungry for homemade pizza now!!

RNMOM502 said...

Mmmmm, that pizza looks so good! And I'm hungry right now. Maybe I'll mix up a batch of that bread this morning and we'll have pizza for supper.

kathi said...

the bread looks AWESOME. just what i NEED to go with the beer. giggle. bet it was YUMMY.

and YES, you ABSOLUTELY MUST get those window quilts done. and NOW. yes, i KNOW how long you have been working on them. NOW is the time.

hmm. i make pillowcases. but sheets? too much like work. giggle. but i KNOW that YOU will have a BETTER WAY to do it. waiting for the posts on that one.