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Thursday, September 30, 2010

This one now finished

Well I have another quilt finished.  It will definitely need blocking. 

This is the background design. 

In case you can't see it, here's what it looks like drawn out on wax paper.  I know it looks like a lot of work for stitching that won't show very much.  That's ok.  I wanted it to have texture and a little surprise when someone looks closer. 

The flower in the center.  There was nothing I could do to the very center of the flower.  It will need to be sewn by hand to hold it down.  I'll leave that for the owner to do.

The leafy looking part. 

The border designs.

Here they are drawn out on wax paper so you can see it a little better.

Simple, yet enough to give texture without overwhelming the top design.

The food fairies have been here again.  Who is it?  I still don't know.  This was left on the porch when I wasn't looking.  Clam chowder.  I'm not sure I like clam chowder.  I've never eaten it but I'm willing to try it anyway.  I'll save it for a cold day when warm soup will be nice.  The bagels went into the freezer.  I may need to find a recipe using these instead of eating them as just bagels. 

I have the next quilt on the machine but I may not get a chance to work on it for a couple of days.  My daughter is now sick.  I may be babying her through it and seeing after Ladybug.  I have chicken on the stove for some home made chicken soup.


lw said...

The quilt is really beautiful. Thank you for showing us the tracings--I really wish I could see this in person.

Chicken soup is my favorite thing when I have a cold.

kathi said...

WE LOVE Clam chowder. always good stuff. and hmm, i ALSO have chicken defrosting for chicken soup.. think i am coming down with something. so. getting an early start on the "cure".

BEAUTIFUL quilting. yOU took a lot of time on the quilt and got it "just right".