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Monday, September 20, 2010

This one quilted

I got this quilt finished yesterday.  He wanted horizontal and vertical lines but not straight lines.  He wanted wonky lines like the ones in the quilt top design. 

Here's a close up from the front.

Here's how it looks on the back.

You might think doing less than perfect lines would be easy.  It's not easy because I've spent years practicing to make very straight freehand lines.  It's kind of like learning to play a musical instrument until your fairly good at it then trying to play like a beginner again.

Kathi, thanks for the gentle cyber push.  I'm hoping to be working on finishing the window quilts in the next couple of weeks.  I still need to put the pulley strings, rings, and wood bars on them before they can be hung on the windows.   

LW, the next time you plan to paint (any room), pick out your curtains first then choose your paint.  It's much easier to match a paint color to fabric than the other way around.  Paint color match mixing is offered in a lot of places..... but do you see fabric color match mixing before we buy fabric offered anywhere?  (giggle)  

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kathi said...

i LOVE that quilt. i just LOVE it. made me grin from ear to ear. and yes, trying to "get wiggly" after working so hard to "be straight" is not an easy task. ya done good.