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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Greeting cards organized

While I've been cleaning and organizing, I decided to take a break and send my son a birthday card.  Well shoot, the cards were such a mess I couldn't find the card I wanted to send him.  Hmm.... had I sent it already?  Last year perhaps? 

Well, heck, it's high time I got the card box organized!  I guess it might be time for me to go to the greeting card store to replenish my supplies.  I need to know what I have in the box before I can make a list of what to buy.

I sort the cards into like types first.

Before putting the cards back in the box, I check every one to see that it has the right size envelope.  Then I find some old, unused file folders to cut down and make dividers.  I just happened to have them.  If I hadn't had old file folders, I could have used cereal boxes or other food boxes cut to size.

Yes!  This should be much easier for finding the right card at the right time.  I've seen these type card boxes for sale at extremely expensive prices.... for a cardboard box.  Mine was free by using what I already have. 

Hmm..... with so many descendants and relatives it's sometimes hard to remember who has a birthday each month.  I write all birthdays down on my calendar.  Sometimes I will need a sympathy card or a thank you card or a get well card but can't get to the store to buy one..... so I keep a supply handy.  Trust me, with this box of greeting cards, I've saved myself a lot of embarrassment.  Instead of waiting a whole month for my next shopping trip to get cards, I have them right within reach.  I can mail a card out right away.

Hmm..... since I've done the greeting card file box, maybe I should orgainze my box of addresses and phone numbers too.  I never know when I might need an address or phone number in a hurry.  I think these should be in much better order.... don't you?

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Joyful said...

I have a card box too! I bought mine many years ago in an upscale department store here. It was expensive but has served me well and looks very pretty on my bookshelf. I probably wouldn't spend the money now but I'm glad I bought it when I did.