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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

About the bread

This is the quilt currently on the machine.  I've done the stitch in the ditch around all the pieces to stabilize it.  There are some places where the fabric is way too thick to stitch around.  I haven't figured out what design to use for the border triangles yet.  I've started doing the background design even though it won't be very visible when finished.  It's more for texture. 

I had to stop about midway through the day to go get my commodities foods.  These really do help with my food budget except sometimes it's more than I can eat in a month.  I give the excess to someone I know can use it too but doesn't qualify to get commodities.

Of course, when my brother takes me to get the commodities we stop by the thrift store only a couple of blocks away.  I found a couple of things I could use.  I'd thought about dehydrating some eggs which requires a non-stick skillet to prepare them.  I found a decent skillet I can use and it only cost a dollar because everything was 50 percent off for the day.  I found a hand mixer to have here in case the power is out and I still want to mix up something.  If the electric is off, I can still cook because I have a gas stove.  We never know when a storm may knock out our power. 

I got a spoon, a french fry cutter, and the cutest Ladybug computer mouse.  Everything together cost only 3.75 which wasn't bad at all.  About the bread I baked.  I remembered that back in the days when I baked bread regularly, I used mashed potatoes in the recipe.  The mashed potatoes is what keeps the crust soft.  Well anyway, I did an internet search for a bread recipe using potatoes.  I came across this site in a round about way.  I first found a YouTube video of someone baking bread and followed it back to the site.  It's called Fun with food storage written by a member of the LDS church.   

I spent quite awhile looking at the site.  I like her site because the lady does a lot of the things that are similar to my desired way of life.  Not the religious part but the organized, scratch cooking, frugal thinking part.  Her site has sort of updated versions of what many of us cooked back in the 1960s and 1970s.  What's old is new again.  It's refreshing to see young people doing the things I've long ago forgotten how to do and want to learn to do again. 


Anonymous said...

I checked out the Fun With Food Storage and it really has alot of information, thanks for introducing us to her blog and site. Homemade bread is the best, even bread made in a bread machine tastes better than store bought. N

Beth said...

maybe you can make bagel chips with them? I have been making my own breakfast sandwiches for my son's breakfast. They are quick..and he loves them!