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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cross stitched one done

I went around all the design with clear thread and used white thread to follow the background design.  This is the center area.

The center area from the back.

The corner from the front.

The corner from the back.

The side from the front.

The side from the back.

Whew!  That was a lot of stops and starts. 

On to the next one.  Hmm.... which one?  I do try to balance my time by doing a time consuming one then a quick one.  A quick one should logically be next.  It's also getting closer to cold weather so maybe I really should work on the window quilts I've talked about for several months?  Hmm..... plain fabric, panto design, easy on, easy off.  Not today though, because it's shopping day.  Time to get off the computer,  put something in the crockpot, and get myself ready to go.

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lw said...

I love how this quilt turned out-- the back's almost as pretty as the front.