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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Opinions please

I took a little time between current work to start on this quilt.  I'm doing some free motion embroidery in the background before doing the actual quilting.

Before I complete more of the embroidery I need opinions.  Is this too much color in the background?

What I mean is.... the quilt has lots of color already.  I've used a bright color variegated thread for these. 

I added just a bit of color around some parts of the applique too.

Before I do more of the embroidery I would like to know if others think it's too much color for the type of quilt?  If it's too much color I can pick it out and do something else.  I don't want to overwhelm the original design with lots of background color.  What I'm hoping is the color thread will be just subtle enough from a distance that people will ask "what is that?" and want to get closer to see it. 

I thought about emailing the original designer of this quilt to ask her opinion but I can't remember who it is.  I thought I had book marked her site and can't find that either.  It's one of "those" kinds of days. 


Anonymous said...

I like it with the color added.
Jeanie in MO.

lw said...

It's hard to tell from the image, I'd have to pull back quite a ways from it to see the overall effect. At first glance, I'd be uncomfortable about mixing mediums (applique and embroidery) because I think the applique needs the relief of the background fabric to pop off the quilt.

Katie said...

That is the Bittersweet Briar quilt and the designer is Kim Diehl. Kim is lovely. I took her workshop for that quilt at the NC Quilt Symposium this year. :-)


Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful quilt, but so much going on. Can't wait to see how you quilt it.