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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Better day

I'll start with the next finished quilt.  For the same customer and with the same type quilting. 

A close up of the red square showing the quilting.

A view from the back.

It's nice to read the comments yesterday from those who have experienced the same things.  I felt very violated yesterday.  Reading the comments helped me feel much better because I knew I wasn't alone.  I've made all the phone calls.  Most places told me to call the bank, which I already did.  My brother is going to help with a loan for what I can't earn in the next 12 weeks.  I'll repay him when my money is returned to me.

I have thought about using an insurance company like Lifelock or Credit shield but I resent paying someone to protect what should be the responsibility of the banking industry.  This is my personal opinion..... paying for insurance is like placing a monthly bet that something will happen.  If it does happen, I win.  If it doesn't happen, the insurance company wins.  Well, even when something does happen, it's still up to the insurance company to tell me if I won and whether I will get paid or not.  What kind of bookie is that?  Ok, I'll get off the soap box about how foolish some types insurances are.  I could rant on and on about that but I won't.  Let's just say I only have insurance when the law requires me to have it.  My meager income doesn't allow for placing loosing bets every month.

I believe that credit card stealing and identity theft is only going to get worse over time.  A bad economy that's getting worse each day will only make people more desperate.  I don't care what the financial experts say.... the economy is getting worse.  I see the signs all around me.  Homeless shelters getting so full they need to purchase a five story hotel to house everyone.  Unemployment lines getting so long they wrap completely around the block.  Soup kitchens running out of food before everyone gets fed.  I trust what I see, not what I'm told.

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Bethany said...

Make sure any cards you have are cancelled and have new ones sent to you.

Change all passwords on any sites you purchase from and (choke) make them different. Every few months change them again.

I see no problem in keeping a paper record of your passwords even though most people reccomend you don't. Just make sure they are put somewhere other than around your computer.

You are right. As more people become desperate fraud will explode and the banks don't care. All they see is more money from bounced checks and fines.

It will straighten itself out. It will just be a PAIN until it does.