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Tuesday, September 21, 2010


A few days ago, for the first time in probably 40 years, my bank account went to zero balance.  I call the phone number every week to verify what has cleared the bank.  It tells me the purchase amounts and dates.  Strange.... I know I have been depositing money to cover my purchases but not spending any.  So where was the money?  Well, now I know.  I got my bank statement which had some strange purchases.  I don't know what the stuff is and sent to places I've never heard of.  I evidently visited overseas and made purchases while I was there and had the stuff sent to my friends houses. 

 Hmm.... I must really be getting senile because I don't remember traveling to Bo velrus or Gazetu Vezda or Minsk by.  How did I get to those places?  I certainly didn't fly there.  Why would I buy contact lenses when I don't wear them or use any of the other weird things a little old lady quilter never heard of?   Cyber space really is something isn't it?  We can travel to all kinds of places without even knowing it.

So it seems I've become a victim of online credit card fraud.  What's really strange is that I only make online purchases through either Paypal or Amazon with my Paypal account.  All other credit card purchases are either by phone or in person.  I order batting by phone.  I buy groceries and carry out food in person.    Either someone has found a way to get into paypal or someone local is a part of the credit card fraud ring.  The thieves had the right card number but the wrong expiration date and wrong 3 digit number.  But it was accepted for online purchases anyway.

It's going to be a very big headache for me.  I've called the bank fraud line.  They've stopped all transactions on that card and are sending me a new one.  They are sending paperwork for me to fill out.  I was told it's going to be a very long process before I can get my money back.  Every purchase has to be verified as either fraud or legitimate before any action can be taken to give me the money back. 

O crap!!  The thieves got the Christmas money for the grand kids.  Unless I can get the paperwork mess straightened out in time.  Ok Anita, slow down and think this thing through.  Some of my customers haven't picked up their quilts yet.  There's also a couple of months before Christmas left so maybe I can get more quilting work finished.    Gotta have faith.  I CAN do this! 

When all else fails.... ask my brother for a loan.  I've given him several Christmas loans over the years.  It will be his turn this year.  Whew.... that wasn't so bad after slowing down to really think about it a bit.  Now all I can do is wait.  Wait for paperwork and wait for this whole mess to get straightened out. 


Anonymous said...

so sorry this happened to you. Hope it gets cleared up real soon!
Jeanie in MO

RNMOM502 said...

we experienced identity theft also. the odd thing was that i am the only one who uses paypal, makes online purchases, etc., but it was my husband whose identity was stolen. they charged almost $2000 to a credit card that we hadn't used for years. it was used in person to purchase stuff at lowe's in norcross, ga. we used to live there, but not since 1986. we didn't have to pay anything, but it did some negative stuff to our perfect credit rating. wish i could get my hands on the crooks and wring their necks....or worse.

jwolf458872000 said...

Anita, this happened to me a while back. I went through my statement and contacted each place (online) that the credit card had been used. They in turn notified the bank and the process didn't take as long to get my money back. If there isn't a website address, there is usually a phone number for you to call.

Hope this helps.

Judy in MO

Coloradolady said...

I am so sorry.....what a mess! I have heard that fast food places are the worse for using debit credit cards, low wage workers don't have a lot to lose in getting your credit information and they can do it rather quickly.

I may have a quilt to be quilted..if interested! Should have it ready by the first of November. I hope they get this mess cleared up quickly for you.

Becky said...

Don't panic. The banks, at least ours, have been very easy to work with. We've had your same situation happen several times. On the bank card, someone bought a nice computer and accessories, along with foreign internet access to host websites. On our credit card, someone had a field day at Wal-Mart to the tune of about $2500 before the credit card company cut them off. It's the inconvenience of it all that is the pain to deal with. Well that and not having the money in your checking account when you need it.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry you are having to go through this nightmare. I use paypal, too, but don't use any credit cards. If I need to make a purchase with a card online, I buy a card and I never allow anyone to do an automatic withdrawl. I will be checking my banking statement online more often. Hopefully this will be taken care of quickly and you can get your money returned. How can anyone be so cruel to take someone elses hard earned money. N

Dora, the Quilter said...

Oh, Anita, I am so very sorry this happened to you. Happened to me one time when someone at a restaurant stole it and passed it on to someone in Vietnam. It's a good idea to check our accounts on line every day.
I'll pray that you get your money back in a hurry!

lw said...

Anita, I am so sorry to hear this! It is a nightmare. My sister Jan cosigned a loan at a used car lot and ended up with someone stealing her identity. Her bank recommended Lifelock, and now she swears by them-- they straightened it all out for her and kept the thieves from opening any new credit.

kathi said...

oh how HORRIBLE. i could beak down and cry with you. I am also OUTRAGED. I do check my bank account online every few days, but i also do make some purchases online with my credit card, etc. As well as PayPal. and the cable guy on top of this. YES OUTRAGE. and yes, lieing IS steeling. same thing. so sorry. but it WILL work out, i KNOW it will.