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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Perfect quilt

Sometimes I get a quilt.... a perfect quilt.... that absolutely scares the heck out of me. It's so perfect that it scares me to start quilting it. I'm afraid of messing it up. Will I choose the right design to compliment the quilt? Will my machine act right with good tensions to do the designs? Will my hand move correctly to create the design? Will I choose the right threads? Will the customer like what I did when she sees it? Being behind schedule doesn't help either.

This week I was the lucky recipient of three perfect quilts to do. One is on the machine and getting quilted. And two more are waiting. All three are going to be multiple day quilts. I started this one yesterday afternoon.

After I had made phone calls, did a little house cleaning, and got some packages ready for ups pickup. The things I couldn't get to while feeling awful.

I also finished the binding and hanging sleeve on the Victorian couple quilt. I can't believe I actually did the binding by hand. That's something I rarely do. I'm still debating with myself whether to put it back on the machine and do more quilting on it. Each time I look at it I feel it needs something more.

I've had some invitations to attend meetings or have a day out. I love it when people think of me. As much as I would rather be having fun.... work is what pays the bills. Also... I've been invited to create some art quilts to be put in galleries during Derby this year. An opportunity I can't afford to miss out on. Only a few days ago I was anxious to start another art quilt.

Right now I'm asking myself if I can create 10 large art quilts before April? Even if I get the tops made.... will I be able to get them quilted and bound and hanging sleeves on them? In my spare time? (There's no such thing) What I really mean is in between quilting to pay the bills and keeping house and eating. The quilting on these will happen at the same time I will be under pressure to finish the guild challenge quilts. Geeze.... more perfect quilts coming in and more stress for me to be perfect too..... aw heck.... too much thinking right now.... I'll go do some quilting and less thinking.... I'm scaring myself too much....

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threadtales said...

I know the feeling about the "perfect quilts" It is far more stressful to quilt those. A little wonkyness or a couple of cut off points helps me relax and quilt.....