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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Lately I've had a series of difficult quilts. First the one with the do over border..... now this one.

I had this one on the machine. It had lots of fullness in the piecing and the border. I first basted the entire thing to see if I could work out the fullness. It only got worse as I got it basted. I finally had to call the owner about the problem.

She has decided to take the top apart then return to me to get help remaking it. The top is savable. It only needs some re working.

Now I have this one loaded onto the machine. Another time consuming top. Not really a problem quilt.... just time consuming. As you can see..... it's a very large top.

It just barely fit onto the leaders.....

This one gets custom quilting. Out of curiosity I've decided to track my time on this one. I want to see how much I'm earning per hour on a large custom quilt. My best guess it that it may take me 4 or 5 days of quilting time. Since I work 12 hours a day, that means somewhere between 48 to 60 hours of work on one quilt.

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