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Sunday, January 20, 2008

Quick short post

A short post today. I finished the garden quilt. I did simple stitch in the ditch on the piano key border to give it dimension but no other quilting. It compliments the design without over powering it.

Over the next few days I don't believe I will be able to post anything to my hints blog.... All charity quilts and organizing will be put on hold while I remove the border of the quilt I showed yesterday. By my estimation I will be frog stitching 4400 square inches of one inch cross hatching done with 14 stitches per inch. It has to be frog stitched, a new border attached, re quilted, a new hanging sleeve attached, and all done by February 16th.

I will still be working on customer quilts during the day and will post those as I get them finished. However..... this frogging work will take the place of any charity quilts, stash busting, organizing, or..... helpful hints blogging over the next few days. As I've always said.... customers come first. With that said... I'm about to go start a marathon of frog stitching!

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