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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Recycle stuff can be helpful

Just look what I got! These are paper ends from the local newspaper company. Quilters can always use paper right? For drawing top designs.... for creating pantos... all kinds of things. My neighbor got them for me because I don't have a car. Best of all... these were free. I can get them anytime I need more. Fantastic!

Now if I could only find one of those contraptions like used to be used for butcher paper. I can't figure out what it was called. It held a large roll of paper on a rack. It had a bar that lay across the roll. The butcher pulled out what paper he wanted then pulled the paper against the bar. Perfect cut every time. I guess I will have to check into some antique shops for one of those.

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Katie said...

Florists have those racks too.