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Thursday, January 17, 2008

I'm still working on the appliqué quilt. I thought I would work on something else but I seemed to be on a roll so I kept going. Here is a look at the border where I did roses.

And a look at the inside border where I did leaves.

Gee.... the days just seem to whiz by as my concentration is on a quilt. After work instead of working on a me quilt I started shredding some papers and junk mail. I think it kind of ironic that the banks have made changes so they could go paperless while at the same time they send out thousands of credit card junk mail. I call junk mail the searching for a dummy mail.

I have far too much paper in this house! Everything from old receipts to old magazines. Hopefully, later today I will finish shredding old papers and get started sorting though some old magazines.

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