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Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rest and more rest

I had a nice Christmas day then....

the after Christmas stay in bed thing hit me..... fever, hot then cold, exhausted, can't seem to get moving, achy, hurt all over kind of thing.

My body's way of saying enough! You pushed yourself to finish all the Christmas rush now its time to rest. So I rest.....and rest.....and rest until my body says its time to get back to work. It's my vacation time. What's better for a vacation than rest?

Yesterday I got up and cleaned house and washed clothes and read some emails. Gosh there sure are a lot of emails when you don't get on the computer for a few days. Then put a quilt on the machine to get me started back into the routine.

Today I plan to do the end of year paperwork to get it out of the way. Pay some bills. Do a little more cleaning. Then maybe work on my challenge quilts a bit too. Pretty easy and boring stuff.... I'm still in rest mode and not anxious to get back to work. Tuesday is my birthday so I'll probably wait until Wednesday to really get back into the work routine.

Before I get started for today though..... I have some web ring catching up to do.

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