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Monday, December 17, 2007

I'm back

I was without internet for three or four days. It was an att problem of some kind. It took some phone calls to tech support to get it back.

All the customer Christmas quilts are finished. All my quilts as gifts are finished.... time for reorganizing. Yea!! But wait.... I still want to enjoy the holidays. I'll not push myself too much on the cleaning and just enjoy the season for a few days. Maybe I will think about items to buy at the after Christmas sales and start making a list.

On another subject....

I've decided to NEVER buy anything from Hancock fabric ever again.! I won't go into details but over the weekend I had an experience at one of the stores that I do not want to repeat in the future! It looks like a company.... struggling to keep from closing all its stores..... would care more about how the clerks treat the paying customers.

Geeze..... that place clearly needs secret shoppers to report to the headquarters! It felt as if the clerks really didn't want to sell anything. Like they were deliberately trying to get customers upset enough not to buy. I couldn't help but wonder if the clerks realized their attitude would eventually get their store closed and put themselves out of a job?

They don't have to worry about me buying from there again. It won't matter to me if ALL the Hancock stores close. Hmmm.... I wish I knew the email address of the main headquarters.... I'm curious if they have a different attitude there.... if a customer complained?

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Katie said...

I've only been into the Hancock's here once. The people were nice enough but the store was pretty tired and junky. Too bad.