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Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Lookie... Lookie... empty shelves!

First the finished quilt for today. This one is for a very special little 5 year old girl who has sickle cell. It's to take to the hospital with her each time she gets sick and needs a transfusion. The bunny panel was sent to me by my internet friend Kathi..... back in April. The minute I saw the panel I knew who would get a quilt from it. I call the special little girl.... Miss Bunnie.... because she is as cute as a bunny. I added the yellow borders to make it large enough.

And.... look, look... see the empty shelves.....

and the empty drawers....

Know what that means? It means the Christmas rush 2007 is officially over... none to be done... none to be picked up. My sister in law is coming over tomorrow to use the machine to finish up her last quilt. While she is doing that I may do a bit of cleaning.... or not....

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