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Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mother Nature is confused

Today's finished quilt. It didn't have to be finished until after Christmas. I had some time while waiting on a new customer so I thought I would work on it. I didn't want to be organizing in the back part of the house and not hear her knock. The customer didn't show up.

I put a kind of flower on the outside border.

Cross hatching on the inside border.

And a form of line dancing and flower petals in the blocks. This is a view from the back which shows the stitching better.

While the people out west were shivering and trying to stay safe.....Mother nature has become confused here. The weather was so warm that the wild chives (not onions) decided to shoot up. These are actually from some chives I had growing in a pot on the porch. I let them go to seed and the wind blew some seeds into the yard.

Even the dandelions and bees got fooled.

I hope all those in the grip of the ice storms are staying home and staying safe.

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