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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Me projects

I have a couple of finished quilts today. This one..... it's not really a Christmas rush quilt but I finished it anyway. This is the left side.

This is the right side. This is the first customer quilt that actually left off the embellishments until after its quilted. I try to get people to understand the doodads cause quilting problems when rolling the quilt up... or... when trying to quilt around them.

I know you probably can't see it but I did mittens in the border....

So here is what they looked like when auditioning the design.

I also finished this me quilt. Left side...

Right side.....

I was just playing around with color threads and different designs.

This is the back so you can get a better look at the thread color changes.

And another view of the back..... gee, look at all the tension issues in there... ok, it's a me quilt.... tension is not an issue to be picked out on this one.

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