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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Been organizing

I started my annual reorganizing. Here are some quilt kits I'm making for the coming year.

I'm listing the kits on a sheet or two of paper so I know what is stored and where.

I got tired of loosing quilts that should get finished. I was tired of looking for a fabric belonging in a quilt.....only to realize it had been cut up and used for a different quilt. I was tired of quilts missing birthdays because they didn't get finished. I was tired of constantly loosing things!

Last year's reorganizing was supposed to remedy that problem but it didn't. Now I'm trying a different way of keeping track. It may not help me move faster but it should help me keep up with what should be done and where to find it.

I had completely lost my thrifty and very organized nature over the last year and a half. What happened? My son's suicide had a major impact on my life. I worked everyday though I didn't realize that was all I was doing. I functioned while not really being myself.

A very good friend once said I was like a person walking down a road, something might put a rock in my path, and I just kind of side step it to keep going on my way. She's right. My son's death was more like a boulder instead of a rock. Since he was not the first child I had lost, the trip around the boulder in my path seemed to take much longer to go around. I have grieved and now my life must go on. I have other kids to think about. I will see the lost kids again someday.

I won't get back to the organizing today. I'm taking an all day class at a college near me. It's a photography class about taking pictures of quilts to enter contests. The class is more about using a digital camera than the quilts. This is what I need to know.

I have pretty much given up on entering any more contests. They are all requiring photos for entry these days. I have no hope of getting into a show if I can't even take a decent picture to put into a blog. If I can learn about using my camera maybe I will try entering again.

Many big time quilters are paying professionals to take pictures of their quilts. I can't afford to pay a professional in the hope I might get into a show. Paying an entry fee then not get into the show is expensive enough. I'm not even sure I want to do that anymore. I may try a couple more times to enter a big show.....but after that...I will stop wasting my money.

My quilts are happily received by those who get them. Most don't even care if it is perfect or not. They love the quilts anyway.

So now its time for me to go get some things together for my class. Hopefully it won't take me long to locate what I need. Hmmm....I wonder where I put the camera instruction booklet? Do I have fresh batteries? Oh yes, I need bus fare and I need my list of things to pick up at the office supply store......


Katie said...

LOL....and my husband thinks I have a lot of bins!

Too bad the shows discourage quilters in that way. I don't think there is much point if they can't make it accessible to everybody. Neither money nor photography skills a good quilter makes!

Sweet P said...

We're moving in 3 weeks and I can't wait to re-organize my studio. I may be using some of your tips. I like the idea of storing the fabric as a kit, even if it's not cut.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Life goes on.

I also like that kit idea. I've got a closet full of fabric and patterns I need to kit them up together, so I don't use it on another project.