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Saturday, December 8, 2007

Cheap organizing containers

I thought I might give an update on how the kit making is going before explaining the thrifty storage containers. Here some kits are being made and lined up along the floor in front of my machine.

Here are some still lined up on the machine table.

And some of the things on the cutting/intake table. So far I've listed 47 kits and still listing more. This does not count the quilt tops in the studio actually being worked on right now. Those are in the plastic drawers under the machine table.

I should explain; a lot of these unfinished quilts came to me as donations for charity quilts. Sometimes I get packages like these. I haven't a clue what the original intention was for the cut pieces. Maybe they were just left over pieces from someone's finished quilts? These become leaders and enders and eventually a design comes out.

Here are some of the kits put away in their new home. I tried using the hangers to hang the kits as was suggested....but, most of the kits were too heavy. I ripped a couple of bags trying it out. Yup, these are just plain old cardboard boxes. These came with my Quilter's Dream batting order.

Now there are going to be those who say, "Eeeew, cardboard boxes are ugly. I don't want cardboard boxes in my stash area."

Think about it again....remember my time box?

It was originally a shoe box. It had work boots in it. My neighbor was going to throw the box away but I rescued it. A coat of spray paint and it looks just as good as a box selling at the store for $5. I love shoe boxes! The trouble is...I don't get them very often. I might buy a pair of shoes every four or five years. Hey, if they don't wear out why replace them?

I have to depend on other types of boxes coming to live here. Like this one. Its very sturdy but I'm not going to give free advertising for the postal service......

I make it look like this until I can paint it.

I might decide not to use spray paint. I may use some of my fabric stash and decoupage it...or use some left over Christmas wrap to cover it. Some Christmas wrapping paper looks kind of generic. I use that kind so it doesn't look like I forgot to put away the holiday stuff in the middle of July. All I did was take the box apart and turn it inside out. A little glue and it's back together again.

My point is that getting organized really doesn't have to be expensive. Use what is available. Cardboard boxes are a thrifty alternative to buying containers which may or may not be the right size. With cardboard...the cost is cheap enough I can afford to change as often as necessary. If one box isn't the right size....I go find a different one.

I also kept the boxes my two new little space heaters came in...I'll spray paint them so I'm not advertising...and store the heaters in the original box. My closet will look pretty and they are the perfect size.

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Jenn said...

When speaking of covering the boxes, I just get some tan-ish recycled tissue paper and let my two year old decorate each side of it, except the edge which I label. Some times I only give him certain colors. It really makes an adorable box! Love your thrifty ideas!