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Saturday, December 22, 2007

I've been cleaning

I realized I hadn't written anything in my blogs for a couple of days. I've been cleaning and working on challenge quilts. And..... planning next year. Mostly relaxing and enjoying the rest I'm getting.

Today is more shopping with my daughter. She's anxious to get more baby stuff so she has everything ready when the time comes. She still needs bottle brushes and crib sheets and other odds and ends. Of course.... diapers.

I'll take the opportunity to shop for some things I need too. A new time box and a few odds and ends stuff.

I plan to make another horse quilt like this but without the unicorn horn. I've been shopping my stash and making a kit for it. It will be for my son that trains horses. For next Christmas.

I hope to finish up the Victorian man and woman quilt and a couple of challenge quilts over the holiday break. It's rare that I have actual leisure time to relax and create. I want to make the most of the time while I have it. With that said..... I'm off to create a while before my daughter picks me up.

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Diana said...

well, Anita, I have missed you!! You are inspiring me to get busy and get organized. I am still re-reading and absorbing the tips you gave about running your business LIKE A BUSINESS! I am so guilty of stopping to fold laundry, start supper etc., while I am supposed to be quilting. I am trying to take those words to heart and make a change. I look forward to many more helpful posts in the new year.
Have a wonderful day with your daughter and a very Merry Christmas!!!