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Thursday, October 15, 2009

What happened to my house?

I had to laugh at my house yesterday when the floor guys left. I have spent several weeks of going through things, moving stuff around, sorting, and organizing to make room for my daughter and grandaughter. They will be moving here, in late November, for a few months while she gets ready to buy a house. I had rearranged and packed things into small spaces all with the idea that it would be out of the way of small curious hands. At the same time it would make enough room for two households of STUFF. Well just look at it now..... This is where I'm sitting and type talking right now. I have not a clue where my chair is at the moment so I'm using a bucket.

Gosh, I hadn't seen the old floor in a long time. I don't remember the paint being so worn.

This is the old transition between what is the dining room and the kitchen part of this room.

Well that is gone now. I was worried that it wouldn't have a solid floor underneath the plywood. I shouldn't have worried though.

This is the batting I had under my machine. Right before all the studio stuff got moved to the kitchen and a bedroom.

The new flooring has to sit in the room for awhile so it acclimates to the room temperature.

But....... (there's always a but) the floor guys can't start putting the new floor down just yet. After taking up all the old flooring they used a moisture meter to check the base floor. The beep beep beep let them know there is a lot of water still left in the old wood. It must have soaked it up like a sponge. So the dehumidifier came back....

A blower came back for the kitchen.....

These two are by the bedroom and bathroom.

These two are in the hall and my computer room..... (will be daughter's room)

So where is all my stuff? I haven't a clue. Well, what I mean is that everything is where it's NOT supposed to be. Closet stuff is in the kitchen and studio. Studio stuff is in baby's room.

Even my bed has stuff. Closet doors are sitting against walls.

And the closet is almost empty.

This is some of my studio stuff sitting in this room.

Is nothing sacred? Even the bathroom has stuff.

The blowers have to run until Monday when they will use the moisture meter again. If it's dry enough they will start putting in the new flooring. If not they will wait another 2 or 3 days to check it again.
Last night and today I've been at the hospital with my brother. I can't go into a lot details but I'm there for moral support. I wish I could figure out what is going on with him. I can't figure out if he's depressed, has manic mood swings, is suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, or is simply having panic attacks. Whatever the problem is, it's not normal. I'm spending a lot of time with him these days because he and his wife need me.
What really scares me is when my brother tells me he thinks everyone will be better off if he simply disappears. Umm... not good. Thoughts like that are not normal for him. If he said it casually I might take it a different way. It's when he says it at the same time he's almost in tears and panicked that scares me.
Well, I best get this posted and get off the computer. I have to find my shoes. They are someplace in all the stuff that got moved around. As cold as it is, I can't keep wearing flip flops to the hospital. Hee, hee, my little piggies got cold.


kathi said...

Oh Anita!! What a DISASTER zone.. YOu did NOT have to do that just to make me feel "organized".. giggle. YOu will just have to concentrate on how nice that new floor is going to look when it does get done. I will be praying for your brother.. NO. those thoughts and words are NOT a good thing. also, FIND YOUR SHOES.. it is well past flip flop season.

Trish said...

The bright side is that the people replacing your floors are very thorough and are doing the job the right way. My husband works in the renovation industry and it's scary how many people do a really lousy job. Hang in there, you will be back to normal soon.

Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Sounds like you have a lot on your plate with the house and your brother. Hang in there.