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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

The new flooring is getting put in. I just try to stay out of their way. They come and go as they go outside to cut the pieces then carry it back in to get installed.

They got one room done except for the quarter rounds. I'm not sure I like the new flooring. There is a groove between each board that may become dust catchers. The old flooring was solid and no problem with dust.

I manage to get to the computer for a few minutes in the morning and in the evening then take it back off the floor.

The blowers should be picked up today. A couple of them are still running as there was still moisture in some areas. I'm really anxious to get my house back into some type of order so I can find things again. I'm also ready to get some quilty things or winterizing things done.
I've asked the floor guys to leave one room empty when they finish their work. Either my daughter's room or the baby's room. It doesn't matter which one. I'm going to start putting the plastic on the windows and hopefully get a couple of the window quilts on them. My daughter wants to start bringing some things each week so there won't be so much to move at the last minute. I want the windows done before the rooms fill up with their stuff.
I did manage to get the fabric attached to the wooden hearts. I used the fusible web as suggested. Thanks Jay, it worked. Elmer's glue pealed away after it was dry. Regular staples wouldn't penetrate the wood at all. No tacks in the house to use. I have the hearts put away in one of the plastic drawers that go under my machine so they don't get lost in the shuffle. It's gonna take me several days to get things put back where they belong. Hmm.... this might be a good time to weed out more things I don't really need to keep.
I saw the guys moving my UFO cardboard desk. I longed to work on it but I really had to stay out of their way to let them work. Of course the guys were fascinated with the cardboard furniture. Almost as fascinated as they are with the quilting machine.
Ok, time for me to get off the computer and get what I can done before the floor guys arrive this morning.

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Anonymous said...

my laminate flooring has those grooves and they ARE dust catchers! I did not know I would have the groove before I bought or I would not have gotten those. A duster like a swifter does not touch it. Have to use vacuum to really get out the dust/dirt. Good luck with it!....J.W. in MO