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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Oooo! NaNa look, look!

For over a year I've shown glances at Ladybug's fascination with fabric and quilts. I told you I had a machine quilter in the making. Here's the proof. (big NaNa grin) First time sitting at the quilting machine in the big girl chair. She's not even two years old. Her birthday is in February. Can you see the mischievous little smile?

So you grab it by the horns like this? (no, I didn't show her what to do, she's seen me do it)

Wheeeee.... this thing moves very fast!

I wish my camera batteries were new. I would have done a video of the laughs and giggles as she moved the machine back and forth as well as in circles. This kept her busy for quite a while.... almost 15 minutes. I stopped her only when she tried to mess with the needle. I think she was trying to bring up the bobbin thread. She found the on/off switch and tried to turn it on. I had it turned off at the main switch so no danger there.
Hmm.... I wonder how young the entries in MQX children's challenge can be? Can I teach her to piece a quilt in time to enter? Naw.... her legs are too short to reach the foot pedal of the domestic machine. (smile) I wonder if I...... Now cut that out, you're moving too fast NaNa.
Anyone know where I can get a children's toy sewing machine? Maybe there is one online. Christmas is just around the corner ya know. Hmm.... she'll need some sissors... and thread.... and.... (mumbling as I head toward the quilting studio)


SandyQuilts said...

Please don't waste your money on a toy machine. My GC sat on my lap from 18mo up to sew. I ran the pedal, they moved the fabric. He now sews on a JemGold (Janome).

She's adorable.

kathi said...

i LOVE it.. I have tears of great Joy in my eyes just seeing the look on Ladybug's face. ahh. Yup. ya got a quilter there.