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Friday, October 23, 2009

No good deed goes....

Not long after hurricane Katrina I heard about a lady who was a costume designer but had lost everything. She desperately wanted to get back into business and a group of people were helping her by donating items. She really needed a sewing machine and a serger. I didn't think I would need my serger anymore so I gave it to her along with some silky fabrics. It was a really nice professional version 6 thread serger and I had collected several specialized feet for it. I never heard anything about the lady after she went back to New Orleans but I hope she managed to start earning a living again.

The minute the serger was gone..... I realized I really shouldn't have let it go. I truly missed it once it was gone. Isn't that how it usually is? We don't think we will need something so we toss it or donate it only to realize we should have kept it? Hmm... that's how people become hoarders isn't it? Keeping things they believe they will need someday.

I can't count the number of times I've wanted to do something but couldn't because it required a serger. Especially making alterations to my clothes or making the grand kids something. Did I tell you I really miss that serger?! I can't afford to just go out and purchase a brand new serger now that I've retired. If I set my mouth just right (and wish really hard) there might be a serger I can afford at some thrift store. You think I will be able to find one? Probably not. I will look but at the same time I'll set aside a savings so I can buy one again. This time I'll put a note on it to never donate it.

The flooring is almost finished. One last room to do and that will be done on Monday. They can't set up the saw outside while it's raining. Now why couldn't Mother Nature hold off on the rain just one more day? Since everything is hap hazard all over the house.... it's gonna be a great time for me to sort and purge again when putting everything back where it belongs. Hopefully I won't toss something I really should keep.

Well, I guess the stuff won't get put away by itself. Best I get started.


Angela Huffman said...

Anita, I just purchased a used 5 thread serger yesterday! Now I just have to figure out how the heck to use it. Try Craigslist- you might get lucky!

Theresa said...

You can try craigslist; I've been able to find a lot of things inexpensively there.