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Friday, October 9, 2009

Slow kind of day

In between showers and storms yesterday....

we had visitors in the neighborhood. It was such an unusual sight to see mounted police in our area that everyone (that is home during the day) came out to watch them go by. Gee, the horses looked like they were walking with their eyes closed. Kind of slow and steady like walking in their sleep. You think they are bored with all the walking? Hmm... this looks like the start of a picture quilt. Naaaaa.... not enough time right now.

Each time it rained I carefully watched for lightening. Sometimes it was just rain but when there was lightening I stopped quilting and unplugged the machine. I did manage to get the next top over half stabilized. Today I should get that done and start working on the design.
Right after I get some cleaning done.

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