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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Membership denied?

I got a lot accomplished yesterday. Most of the studio and kitchen stuff got put back where it belonged. At least enough that I can function.

I was tired from the work and started getting irritated that I have sooooo much stuff. It seems sometimes to be an endless cycle of stuff piling up.... stuff getting organized.... stuff piling up.... stuff getting organized.

I decided more things have got to go! I think I went through this same thing not long ago? Getting rid of stuff! I tried signing up for Freecycle here in Jefferson County. I believe some of this stuff is what would be good to give away to someone else.

I was denied membership in the Jefferson County Freecycle Yahoo group. The reason given was that my Yahoo profile was "inappropriate" (whatever that means) and they couldn't verify I live in Jefferson County. I looked at my Yahoo profile and it clearly states I live in Louisville, Kentucky which everyone living here knows is Jefferson County. I saw nothing inappropriate. Well! Since the local Freecycle doesn't want me as a member then the stuff will go to a thrift store or to a landfill.

I best get started on my day. Lots more to get organized and I have two customers coming today to pick up their quilts. These were finished before the floor work started.

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