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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I'm not sure about it

Today in the mail I received an invitation to join the Louisville Artisans Guild (LAG). I received a one year free membership because I won a blue ribbon at the fair. The free membership leaves me with several questions that I need answered before joining. Even a free membership isn't a good idea if its not a good fit.

I've heard about LAG for several years. I've never tried to get into the guild because it's supposed to be a juried membership. Or at least I thought it was. In other words, in order to become a member your work must be judged by a group of judges before you can join.

The invitation to become a member read more like a request for me to volunteer than asking an artist to join. I kept asking myself.... Are they interested in my art work or just wanting me to volunteer work time setting up and taking down booths? I'll do more thinking before accepting the free membership.

On another note.... what happened to the CSPAN station? The one that had cameras in the congress room so the public could watch the discussions. I thought the president said he wanted more transparency? If he were keeping to that promise then why is it that the public is not allowed to watch the proceeding for such a dramatic change as health care reform? I want to see which of the congress persons are saying what. How many are really wanting to change things for the better and how many are listening to the lobbyists? I want to know if I will vote for them next year or not.

What's the big secret with health care reform that they wanted to take the cameras out? Doesn't it concern us all? So why is the public left in the dark while these people decide our futures? Me thinks something is rotten in DC these days and we are all going to pay the price for it. Politics as usual? Not hardly, as far as I can remember the cameras have not gone dark until now. You think we are all being manipulated? What else could it be? (just my own opinion of course)

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kathi said...

I had no idea the CSpan cameras went dark. To me, this is just yet another way the public is being duped. I am very concerned that the "change" many voted for is not the "change" they expected. I am honestly fearful of what is to "change" in this country, and our lives. I"m "getting old", it is the younger generations I am most fearful for. Our children, our grandchildren, etc.