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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Catching up

The hearts are finished. The color of the photo is not the true color. These are primary red and yellow.

I think they should be auctioned as a pair. Don't you think so too?

I really hope they raise some money for the charity. They might be a little too cutesy among all the rest of the artists stuff. There are some really fantastic and well known artists donating to this charity auction.
Oh goody! Look what I get to do the next few days.... or is it weeks? It's time to weed through the confusing government medicare stuff for Mom.

I had to test out the machine for level and all that good stuff after the floor got finished so the practice quilt went on for a day. While sitting and waiting for someone to pick up their quilt I doodled a bit testing out some designs to go on it eventually.

By the time I get ready to actually work on this one again I'll probably change my mind and do newer designs.

I did finally manage to get accepted to Freecycle. There was a problem with my yahoo identification. An easy fix and a simple reapplication did it. As soon as I learn the rules of the group I can start putting things on there I want to get out of my house.
Right now I'm feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated. I can't seem to find time for ME these days. Doing things for my Mom. Babysitting for my daughter. Calming my brother. Chauffeuring my SIL. ETC. Normally none of this would bother me.... but (there's always a but) It's been continuous for several weeks. No restful times in between.
Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday was for my daughter. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday morning for my brother. Thursday afternoon for Mom and my brother again. Friday for my daughter again. Saturday day for my SIL. Saturday night and Sunday for my daughter again. Hmm.... did you see a day for ME in there someplace? And this is just this past week.
Don't get me wrong. I love that I can help. I love all of them so I don't mind helping if I can.
How do I explain it? I've talked about it before that NO ONE sees quilting as a legitimate business. To them its just a hobby. A hobby is something you do when you have nothing else to do. They believe since I work at home I can just drop everything for them whenever they need something. What they can't seem to grasp is..... if I don't create it, I can't sell it. If I don't quilt it, I can't get paid for it.
So.... next week, (two weeks if I can swing it) I will not be available for family!!! I'm not answering the phone unless its a customer. My curtains will be drawn. My doors will be locked. I'm not the only person in this family so let everyone call somebody else for a couple of weeks. Heck, call each other for a change. The world will not fall apart if I'm not available.
I'm gonna have myself an at home retreat. For the next two weeks I'm determined to get my house back in order and also get some quilting done.
Hmm... I'm gonna get of the computer and get started right now.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

It'll be tough, but stick to your guns. Everyone's gotten a little too dependent on you. Better put a message on your phone though that you're all right, just very busy trying to catch up on things, so they don't report you missing or something.

kathi said...

GREAD IDEA!! a "ME retreat".. However i know you, and it will not be for two weeks.. I will be very proud of you if it lasts 3 days. And yes, i totally understand "the others" believing that since you WORK at home, you must be able to drop everything for THEM, whenever "they" need you. WORK is what they just are not understanding. The same thing happens here. ohhh myy. Well, it is GOOD to be so loved, and needed. but not ALL the time. giggle.