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Sunday, September 27, 2009

I went with my brother to my father's grave yesterday to check on the headstone. Nothing has been done to raise it. I've made repeated phone calls to Fort Knox trying to get it raised before it sinks completely. I was very disappointed that it's even farther below ground. So is the vault that holds him. The whole grave shows a deep depression of sunken ground. The cemetery is on a hillside. All the rain run off goes over my father which is causing the ground to wash out with it.

I noticed many, many stones sunken almost completely below ground that weren't the last time we were there a year ago. Some of the stones only the top was still visible. Next year they will be completely gone. My father's stone may be gone by next year too. It's heart breaking to see a military post cemetery so neglected. I told my brother we should bring shovels to dig up the stone and raise it ourselves. He didn't think it such a good idea to be caught digging at a grave in a cemetery on a military post. Well why not? We could be there on Halloween. Perhaps everyone might be too scared to bother us.

The cemetery is also filled with wild mushrooms.

Some of the grave stones have death dates of around 1800 on them. Some are civil war soldier stones too. Ooo.... and some have great quilting designs like this. You have to look close to see the feather design and the flower design. (clicking on the photo might help)

After leaving Fort Knox we took my niece and her husband out for lunch to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary. Then we stopped by to visit my uncle. I hadn't seen him since my aunt passed away about a year ago. To my delighted surprise he was refinishing my baby high chair! I thought it long ago lost to history. He's had it all these years. (30) The reason he's had it is because before it was mine... it was originally his. Made by my grandfather as a baby gift for my grandmother when she was pregnant with my uncle. It's very tiny for a high chair. A cabbage patch doll fits nicely in it.

After leaving there my brother and I stopped by the Peddler's Mall to check on our booth. We straightened it up a little. His golf stuff is selling very well. I sold a few knick knacks, a couple of vcr tapes, and one of the packages of batting. None of the 4 baby quilts have sold. I guess quilts are not a good selling item at a Peddler's Mall.
Time for me to get into the studio for awhile. Later today I've got to sort more stuff as I prepare to get my new floors installed. Everything needs to be easily moved around as the workers do the rooms.

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